Act Casual is Travis Mc Neill, a commercial photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. 
He is most interested in collaborating with individuals or companies in the hospitality and resort industry to create images of beautiful people, inspiring places and moving spaces that add value and have lasting commercial application and impact for his clients. 
Travis has had a successful career as a high end wedding photographer covering big budget celebrations in Cape Town and some other beautiful parts of the world including , Seattle, New York, Toronto, Maurtius . Over 10 years of covering dynamic, lively and highly aesthetic events has taught Travis to think and move fast while blending respectfully with the energy of the event, to be inquisitive and find unique perspectives in both the ordinary and exceptional moments.
Now and then, Travis puts the camera down and joins the misfits in the Art Department on TV Commercials, sourcing props, occasionally swinging a hammer but mostly just moving props around on set. Years behind a camera making creative choices, knowledge of lighting and image making translate well into this hands on role.
Travis wrote this bio, in the third person, himself.  An odd thing to admit perhaps but when I quizzed him about it he simply replied - "at least the AI didn't write it".